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Power line implosive connectors installation


Implosive Joining Technology

The implosive joining technology is an implosive energy that creates a permanent, high-quality connection

between overhead conductors. The implosive connectors have an engineered energy charge pre-wrapped

around a specifically designed metallic sleeve. When the charge detonates, it creates an implosion compression

that eliminates oxide growth and mitigates moisture egress into the connection, resulting in

significantly improved connector longevity.

Application of implosion jointing connectors
The primary function of implosion jointing connectors is to create a reliable and secure connection between two conductors in the electrical industry, particularly in installing high-voltage power lines. These connectors ensure that electrical current can flow smoothly and uninterrupted, and they are designed to meet specific requirements for joining and connecting conductors of different sizes or materials under high tension.


Conductor Types for Implosive Jointing on Power Transmission Lines
Our implosion jointing connectors are versatile and can be used on both dry and

greased overhead conductors, including:

We've standardized the components of our implosive connectors to fit all common types of transmission line conductors. Additionally, we're committed to developing and testing new connectors for specific customer needs.

However, if you are still determining whether your conductors' size or model matches our connectors, we encourage you to contact our experienced and patient technical engineers. Our engineers can help determine compatibility and provide any necessary guidance or support. 


Contact Our Engineers

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