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Implosive connectors detonating


Implosive Splicing Solution For Electrical Transmission Systems

VP Metall AS is a company that specializes in developing, testing, manufacturing, and selling implosive connectors for electrical transmission systems. Our implosive connectors are used by transmission line construction companies and power utility contractors in the Nordic region, USA, and Canada. Our product range includes full tension joints, dead-ends, jumper terminals, repair sleeves, repair joints, tension splices, and more.

VP metall presentation film

VP metall presentation film

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Connector range

Jumper Terminal on power line


FeAl lines

FeAl lines

From 5 mm diameter. Breaking load capacity over 1000 kN.

Fe lines

Fe lines

From 5 mm diameter. Breaking load capacity over 1400 kN.

AL and alloyed AL lines

AL and alloyed AL lines

From 5 diameter. Breaking load capacity over 300 kN.

OPGW and isolated lines

OPGW & isolated lines

From 5 mm diameter.


The connectors can be used on dry conductor, fully greased aluminum alloy conductors and ACSR conductors with greased steel core. Connector components have been standardized to fit all common conductor types. Developed and tested for new conductors when in need by customer.

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