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VP metall Jumper Terminal production


About us

VP metall is a highly regarded metal processing company located in Raufoss Industrial Park, Norway. With our extensive expertise in implosive compression technology, we specialize in producing high-quality conductor hardware for the electrical power transmission industry. Our implosive connectors, including implosive compression deadends, full tension joints, implosive jumper terminals, and repair sleeves, have earned a strong reputation not only in Nordic countries but also in the Canadian and American markets.  Customized solutions serve a wide range of customers, including, electric utility companies, electric contractors, automotive, defense, aerospace, onshore, waterpower, and many others.

Implosive Splicing: A Reliable and Efficient Solution for High-Voltage Conductors
Our implosive splicing products for high-voltage conductors are assembled with explosives instead of hydraulic pressing. This implosive splice method offers significant advantages such as high compression quality and long service life for high voltage conductors, quick and easy installation process, and reduced labor costs. It provides a reliable and efficient solution for splicing transmission power lines, regardless of the conductor type or whether the power lines are dry or greased. The technology is suitable for all standard line types.

Implosion Jointing Technology: A Reliable and Durable Alternative to Conventional Compression Method
The implosion jointing technology was originally developed at Raufoss in the 1960s. Since then, the product has been widely used for many decades and has established a reputation for reliability and durability, particularly in the challenging Nordic climates. The implosion jointing method used replaces the conventional compression method that is most commonly used in the market, resulting in superior compression quality and longer service life.

Clients Come First: VP Metall's Commitment to Excellence in Implosion Jointing and Splicing Solutions
Our implosive splicing products have a strong foundation in our material knowledge and pyrotechnic expertise, which we have gained through our presence in the world-leading and innovative industrial park environment of Raufoss. With a team of approximately 23 employees, VP metall is proud to be ISO-certified and CE-approved, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our skilled professionals are committed to delivering high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our clients. From design to production, we strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. 

VP metall was established on 1 June 2000 and in 2021 we were acquired by the Swedish Lagercrantz Group.


Project Lyse - Fagrafjell 2022

Watch our film to see Implosive connectors used in the field during installation in Sandnes project Lyse - Fagrafjell 2022.

Implosive Connectors in the field

Implosive Connectors in the field

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