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VP metall AS headquarters welding


What we do at VP metall

We are a flexible and solid company that delivers small and medium series, including prototypes. We also work on industrial projects and concept development. Deliveries are mainly to Norwegian customers in many industries.


We believe one of our greatest advantages is that we are in a strong industrial cluster in the Lake Mjøsa region. Here, world-leading knowledge in many areas is important for the commodity industry.

Our services

Cutting metal rod


We have a band saw for automatic cutting of steel and aluminum, and a circular saw for cutting aluminum. These are intended for smaller quantities. For automatic cutting of large numbers in aluminum and other metals, we have partner agreements.

Hot pressing

Hot pressing

We have a 400 t press for forging aluminum AA 6000 leg and high-strength AA 7000 leg.With up to 450 N / mm2 in tensile strength, as well as brass alloys and copper.

CNC machining

CNC machining

We have two lathes, one with pole feeder. Then we have two milling centers, one has a robot cell attached. We are flexible on smaller series and prototypes.

Metal welding

Welding and grinding

In the welding department there are opportunities for MIG / TIG welding. So far, we have not invested in certified welders, instead hiring when needed. In our grinding department we have simple equipment for grinding tools and products.

Dead end

Punching and forming

We have presses up to 120 tonnes. Two eccentric presses and two hydraulic presses from 40-120 tonnes. Depending on the complexity, together with our partners we can design and build hole and lure tools, molding tools, embossing tools, cutting tools and prototype tools.



CAD construction

We produce according to the customer's drawings, but are happy to help with construction in 2D and 3D.

Metal heat treatment

Heat treatment

VP has an oven for hardening and annealing of steel and aluminum. The second oven is for curing aluminum, measuring 2250x1200x1300 centimeters.




We mount large and small constructions.


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